The Only Organization Dedicated to The Rich History Of Gillette's Downtown - And Its Promising Future
1901 - 2019... And Beyond!
If you live in Gillette, then you already know about the fierce loyalty that comes with being a “local” – supporting local businesses, preserving our economy, and maintaining our sense of identity as Wyomingites.

Gillette Main Street is a Non-Profit dedicated to upholding these very same values.
Building The Economy Of Gillette's Future With Time-Tested Values From Its Past
Gillette Main Street promotes these values, protects them, and uses them to shape the future of our historic downtown.

We help to build the economy of Gillette's future by bringing new businesses into the downtown area of Gillette. In the last three years alone, Gillette Main Street has helped 11 new businesses to call downtown Gillette their home.

When it comes to shopping local and protecting our local economy, Gillette's downtown area is the heart of it all. The heart of our city has to be healthy if the rest of it is going to thrive, and we have to stick together. That's also why...
Gillette Main Street Events Bring Our City Together For Community And Local Pride!
Gillette Main Street holds many of the most popular public events in Gillette every year - events that bring our far-flung community together for cultural enjoyment and pride.

Our goal is to continue to build upon Gillette's citizens' sense of local community and to foster pride in the city where we all live and work.

So go ahead, explore what we have to offer on this web site. Our events, the Friends of Main Street program - there is something for everyone. We even have historic photos of Gillette's downtown area that should entertain any Gillette resident, young or old.

But remember the most important thing: our Main Street is the heart of Gillette, and it's going to be the Main Street that brings us all together, through thick and thin, and reminds us what it means to live in this great city.
What Has Gillette Main Street Done For Gillette Lately?
Map Of Downtown Gillette
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